Quackademic Medicine at UC Irvine

UC Irvine Medicine School opens a center for integrative medicine, selling out to promote quackery in medicine. Quackademic Medicine at UC Irvine Steven Novella


Rigvir: Another unproven and dubious cancer therapy to be avoided

Alternative cancer clinics have always claimed that their therapies “boost the immune system” to fight cancer. Recently, the Hope4Cancer Institute, a quack clinic in Mexico has added a treatment known as Rigvir to its other offerings. But what is Rigvir? It turns out that it’s an import from Latvia, a purported oncolytic virus with a mysterious history that targets cancer specifically for which there is a profound paucity of evidence for its efficacy. Rigvir was approved by Latvia in 2004 based on grossly inadequate evidence. The story of Rigvir is the story of an unproven treatment that, because of its origin in a small country, has flown mostly under the radar. Until now, that is. Rigvir: Another unproven and dubious cancer therapy to be avoided David Gorski